About Us

Unmet Desire (UD in short), a name for lifestyle and luxury products for Spatial and Personal Styling; conceptualize, develop and sell some of the finest products into Furniture, Home Décor, Office Accessories, Barware, Travel, and Fashion Accessories. 

As we understand the need and desire of aspiring people for style and luxury, we, at Unmet Desire, make our product selection based on four key deciding factors i.e. Trend, Usability, Quality, and Affordability. Every product that we add to our portfolio, must meet these four parameters.
All our products are conceptualized and designed by experienced product designers. All our products then handcrafted by skilled artisans and craftsmen with the help of modern tools and technologies maintaining the flavor of traditional craftsmanship throughout the product development.
A strong team of designers and skilled artisans and craftsmen who collectively brings more than 25 years of hands-on experience in a similar domain does all this.
The story behind Unmet Desire
Unmet Desire, the brainchild of Manjari Singh, was born out primarily of two reasons. First was her desire for self-recognition and the second, her love and passion for lifestyle and luxury products.
She, being a woman always promoted and admired woman empowerment, and the same she applied in her life also.
There is a third reason what she realizes post coining the term “Unmet Desire” and this is how she puts it, “There is and will always be an empty space in everybody’s mind and heart which will keep looking for substantial growth in style, comfort and luxury in their life” and that is where she likes “Unmet Desire” to fit in.